Customer testimonials

I have had a dolphin robot operating daily for just over 5 years and it has finally ground to a halt. The technical staff diagnosed the worn parts that caused its demise, and i was given a professional explanation: degradation was caused by high chlorine and UV exposure over time. I was then offered a quick on-the-bench replacement kit, and was on my way within the hour.
kate McMillan, Atlanta, Georgia.

Thank you for the technical support, it is nice to see vendors supporting their products even for trial users. so far your customer service is as great as your product.
Jean-Paul jimbris, marseille, France.

I have a special fibreglass pool and every other cleaners I have tried got stuck. now i have a dolphin for 8 months - it has good traction, gets around fast and picks up everything. I contacted support for assistance several times, and received fast helpful advice every time.
Marlene Balack, Munich, Germany.